Stevi, 38, who appeared in the 2014 series alongside I’m A

Late Pramod Mahajan was a good friend of Pawar and he was well aware of Pawar plans to quit the Congress and form his own party. Even after he split from the party, there were speculations that Pawar would join the Vajpayee government. Somehow, it didn work out.

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replica ysl clutch bag outlet It’s been a difficult year for ITV’s The X Factor as ratings continue to slide, but former contestant Stevi Ritchie believes he knows the answer to saving the ailing talent show.Stevi, 38, who appeared in the 2014 series alongside I’m A Celebrity’s Fleur East and eventual winner Ben Haenow, says he thinks the show has lacked fun this year.The current series, which ends next weekend, has seen its lowest ever ratings at 3.7million, which is a stark contrast to the talent contest’s 19.4million viewers in its 2010 heyday.”It’s such a shame, because The X Factor is my family and I will never slate it,” Stevi says of the low viewing figures.”I think they’ve had great singers on there this year, but they have missed a bit of the fun factor, if I’m honest.I’m A Celebrity’s feisty Fleur East will ‘snap’ at Noel Edmonds, warns X Factor pal”People like me, Chico, Rylan, Jedward, Wagner and Johnny Robinson. It’s that fun factor. Maybe they just might need someone like that.”Honey G, even. replica ysl clutch bag outlet

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