So, when Mulcair made it his mission to fight the xenophobic

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cheap canada goose uk For example, where Trudeau made a virtue of Canada’s canada goose deals ethnic diversity and multiculturalism, Harper passed laws that limited immigration.Born on Christmas Day, he grew up in the public eye, travelling with his father and shaking hands with world leaders. While he may not have the deep intellect of Trudeau Sr, he certainly can boast of significant political smarts.Throughout the 78 day long election campaign, the longest in modern Canadian history, his team knew when to parry and thrust and when to sheath the sword, canada goose outlet winnipeg allowing former opposition leader Thomas Mulcair of the left of centre New Democratic Party to stab himself in the foot.So, when Mulcair made it his mission to fight the xenophobic Conservatives on their immigration policies and anti niqab pronouncements, Trudeau went positive, embracing women in hijab, focusing on bread and butter issues and countering Conservative claims that he was too inexperienced to govern.Harper’s campaign spent millions of dollars to run and re run TV ads claiming that Trudeau was “just not ready” but he had “nice hair”.As if there were nothing beneath it.And so, Canadians, disgusted by the icy and ideology bound Harper, came out to vote like they hadn’t in decades. Turnout was the highest since canada goose wholesale uk 1993.Also read:Will Trudeau’s victory make a change in Canada?Driven by Harperphobia just as much as Trudeaumania, it was a total turnaround. cheap canada goose uk

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