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buy moncler jackets Quinn Estates has officially opened the highly anticipated Connect 38 the first building to be launched on the Ashford Commercial uk moncler outlet Quarter site marking the start of an exciting new chapter in the town’s story as the economic powerhouse of Kent.One of Ashford’s Big 8 development projects, Connect 38, designed moncler uk outlet by Canterbury based Clague Architects, is the largest office block to be built in Kent for 20 years with 75% of the building let.Located adjacent to Ashford International Rail Station linking the town with high speed services to London and moncler usa Europe the new building delivers 80,500 sq ft of office, restaurant and retail space with the creation of around 481 moncler womens jackets full time jobs.The building is alongside Ashford International Rail StationThe new building has already welcomed its first tenants with infrastructure consultants, Peter Brett, accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy, and dental practice Pennypot Dental the first to arrive. Connect 38 will be part of what will ultimately become a 600,000 sq ft office and retail campus.Mark Quinn, chairman/CEO, of Quinn moncler outlet store Estates said: “This project is one of my proudest achievements to cheap moncler coats mens date. Connect 38 and the Ashford Commercial Quarter is going to mark a new chapter for Ashford and sets uk moncler sale the standard for office space in the south east.”We’ve had great feedback and people really believe that this development is the start of a new legacy in Ashford.The building delivers 80,500 sq ft of office, restaurant and retail space”Working on this project in partnership with George Wilson has Cheap Moncler Jackets been a great experience his knowledge, experience and expertise added another dimension to the scheme which has raised the building above and beyond.”Connect 38 represents an extraordinary opportunity for businesses looking to relocate locally, or from London and further afield buy moncler jackets.