Many investors, including me, are experiencing these things in

Over 2.8 million Social Security beneficiaries are under the age of 65. Claiming benefits at the earliest possible age, 62, or not long after means that those beneficiaries will have smaller monthly Social Security benefits for the rest of their lives than people who have the luxury and resources to delay. But most have no other choice.

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To trust your gut, to keep the faith, to make it through tough times, takes practice. The question is can you stick it out? Do you quit because the money is low? Do you quit because you can’t find the right people? When do you say it’s over?Commitment to the journey. It is the key to success.

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Celine Bags Outlet Move beyond equality to equity. Inclusion leads to belonging, and belonging means greater equity. Equality is about making sure that everyone has the same thing, but we are not all the same and our needs are not all the same. So where is all this heading? A recent Time article features an interview with futurist Ray Kurzweil, who predicts an era, roughly in 2045, when machine intelligence will meet, then transcend human intelligence. Such future intelligent systems will then design even more powerful technology, resulting in a dizzying advance that we can only dimly foresee at the present time. Kurzweil outlines this vision in his recent book The Singularity Is Near Celine Bags Outlet.