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canada goose coats on sale We respect our associates rights to participate in this work stoppage, we also will welcome any associate who chooses to continue to work. Chaffo, a banquet service worker at San Francisco Palace Hotel, said he was striking to demand that Marriott does not cut workers hours and health benefits as it he said it has proposed.The union and the company declined to canada goose outlet official discuss specifics of the negotiations and proposals.Chaffo, who is 47, has worked for the company for 27 years and commutes an hour each way from Concord, California. He makes nearly $26 an hour but said he would have to find several jobs to support his family if the company reduces his work.owners only think of their profits and would rather have part time workers so they don have to spend on benefits, Chaffo said.proposal is insulting to the workers who canada goose outlet store new york keep their hotels running, he added.Workers are also seeking greater protection from harassment from guests, which has been an issue for hotel workers nationwide. Canada Goose Outlet canada goose coats on sale

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