Apna Time Aayega picturised on Ranveer Singh’ has poignant

But this has changed, the farmer found out about the Syngenta’s 1996 case study and he started legal action against them, a German activist group, and another farmer are also now dogging the company. All are now standing against Syngenta and their case seems set in concrete. The fact that this corn is extremely toxic to cattle, now proves that Syngenta’s lied about the products safety..

While adulteration of milk is a huge business in itself, there are many businesses that offer fresh milk delivered to your home or at the store. Fresh milk is a rich source of several essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin D. Reduced fat fresh cow milk in particular, because it lacks the fat content of other dairy products such as whole milk, offers health benefits yet fewer of the risks associated with consuming saturated fat and cholesterol.

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